If you've found yourself at this website, then you are
either already one of my wonderful students, or you are looking to become one of my wonderful students.      Either way, I'm glad that you're here!

  • Accredited member of the Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association
  • Federated studio with the Pennsylvania Federations of Music Clubs (PFMC)
  • Over thirty-five years experience with children of all ages
  • Over 18 years teaching piano to students of all ages
  • Private lessons in your home, or in my piano studio
  • Fun group lessons for younger students are held on occasion over holiday breaks
  • RMM (Recreational Music Making) coming soon!  These are group lessons for adults, check back for details!

Lesson Fees:
Length      Annual (30 lessons)        30 x $20 = $600      Monthly Payment
30 min.     $600.00*   paid over 10 months Sept-June                $60.00

Length      Annual
(30 lessons)      30 X $30 = $900     Monthly Payment
45 min.     $900.00*    paid over 10 months Sept-June               $90.00                                         
The 45 minute fee is either for advanced students, or for beginners who wish
to have two 22.5 minute lessons a week.

All regular monthly payments should be $60 for the 30 minute lesson 
The number of lessons you will receive will be multiplied by $20 and
then divided by $60

For example, if lessons begin the week of October 12, the student will receive
26 lessons.  $20 x 26 lessons =$520  
Seven monthly payments of $60 totaling $420 will begin the first of November
The difference between the total tuition $520 minus $420 = $100 which will
be the first month's (October) payment.  Payment for lesson materials will also be requested at this time.

* This is the annual tuition if lessons are begun the week of September 14th, 2015