Studio Policy

Tuition is payable in monthly installments September through  August. Tuition is due no later than the 7th of each month, payable by cash or check.  Credit card charge and Pay Pal may become available in future.  Parents of students under age 18 will be asked to sign a studio agreement to acknowledge their understanding of studio policy.  The agreement does not legally bind you to the length of the contract, but it is assumed that you will comply with the stated term. Whomever is responsible for making tuition payments for students UNDER 18 years of age shall sign the studio agreement.

Cost of Tuition

Lessons are generally one half hour in duration at a cost of $20 per lesson.  Payments should be made in advance of the scheduled lessons, either on the last lesson day of the month, or the first lesson day of the month, but no later than the 7th day of the month.  The payment is not based on how many lessons are received per month, but on the grand total divided by 8 payments made September through April. The lesson year has 30 possible lessons times $20/lesson, which equals $600.  This amount divided by 8 months from September 2016 to April 2017 Therefore the monthly payment is $75.  (Click the button for Cancellations/Makeup Lessons on the side menu.)

Students may be enrolled at any time during the year.  I will create a modified agreement and pro-rated payment schedule for any student who enrolls once the tuition year has begun.  The lessons run from September through May. Summer lessons can be scheduled in June, July, and August. 

Travel Fee
For students who elect in-home lessons a flat $15/month per family. This of course, is to cover the cost and time of travel from my home to your home.

Lesson Materials
Aunt Lala uses a variety of piano method books.  If the student has already begun lessons with a prior teacher, those lesson books will be used until they have been completed unless I determine that the books are not adequate material for your student.  The lesson method may then be changed to that of another at my discretion.   The approximate cost of lesson material for a beginning student will be $15 to $60.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are generally one half hour in duration and include instruction in music theory, technique, sight reading, transposition, and memorization.  Students will also have instruction via a computer program

Group Lessons
Group lessons are one and one half to two hours in duration and may be held at my studio, a student's home, or some other location.  Group lessons are a barrel of fun and laughter because we use games to reinforce musical knowledge.  Kids love 'em and they usually walk away with some nifty prizes too! Group lessons are held at the principal's discretion and when enough students can be scheduled for a successful session.

Summer Session Lessons
I highly recommend that at least 6 lessons be taken over the summer months and a separate verbal agreement will be made regarding tuition for the summer lessons. The more lessons that are taken the less likely it will be for the student to lose momentum in their progress.

Every student should plan to participate in the studio Annual Spring Recital ideally held the first weekend in May.  All students receive a participation pin to be added to the medallion they receive at their first studio recital.  Students can also earn recognition for progressing from one method book to the next higher level through a single term.  The Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Organization (PPTA)  an organization of which I am an accredited member also offers recital opportunities a few times a year.  I may hand select students to participate in these recitals.  Students will be able to watch and hear students from other music studios.